Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coloring On Toned Tan Paper

Hey guys so today I will do a small blog post about some of the things that I drew and colored on toned tan paper ❤️
So the sketchbook I use is:

This is the strath more toned tan paper and it is the perfect soze to take anywhere!
Here are just a few things I have drawn in my sketchbook!

I love this color paper because when you color it looks amazing!
What I use to color: 

This is the 36 set of the prismacolor colored pencils but I have more than 36 because whenever I see a color I like I buy it if I don't have it already! I have a blog post on the colors that I have but let me know if you would like me to do an updated version! 

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Friday, July 3, 2015

How To Color White Skin!

Hey guys today I posted a video on my youtube channel! The video is showing you how to color skin with only 3 colors!
Here is how it turned out

Link to buy markers:

Colors that I used:

I used E00(Skin White) as a base

I used E11(Barley Beige) as a shadow shade

I used R20(Blush) as a blush

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How To Draw 7 Different Types Of Eyebrows!!!

Hey guys today I will be talking about how to draw eyebrows! Not only am I going to show you how to draw it but I will also take you through each shape and tell you when to use the brows!

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How to draw eyes!

Hey guys so yesterday I uploaded a video on how to draw 5 different types of eyes! If you would like to see the video please click on the video below!

1. Make sure to draw the basic shape that I show in the video because it will really help you out!
2. Draw lightly with the pencil so it doesn't look to full

Overall I really enjoyed making this video! Please stay tuned for my next blog post!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hey guys so today I have brought you guys a watercolor blog! Lately I have been OBSESSING over watercolors and I thought I would show you guys what it I use most of the time and the mess after words :D

First you will need Watercolor!
Mine is just a REALLY cheap pallet from the artist loft brand which was about $4.99.. you can buy it here. It works really well especially for beginners just like me. Another reason why I love water color is because it is MUCH cheaper than acrylic paint.
Next you will need Paint brushes!
I just keep mine in a mason jar (I love the way it looks!)... I have collected my paint brushes for about 6 or more years. I used to buy a lot of the little packs of them which you can buy here! Some of my paint brushes do shed because they are so old and they came in random things like the little painting "coloring" books haha.
Another big thing is Watercolor Paper
I normally use Strathmore but at the time I was loving the Artist's Loft brand! I got this one from here.

Here is a painting on this type of paper

(Optional) Hair Dryer
This blow dryer is SOO old... it used to be my moms then she gave it to me and as you can probably tell I use it for crafts. You can definatly use any type of blow dryer. The only reason why I needed a hair dryer is because I don't like waiting for my watercolor to dry!
A cup/mug  

I have this little cup that I got for $1.50! It is a really nice size for little doodles :D
White Gouache or White Acrylic Paint
I just used my White acrylic paint by craft smart to add stars! (I mixed it with a little bit of yellow watercolor). You can buy this here! P.S. It is really cheap  :D
Here is the mess afterwards!

I really recommend you to put underneath your painting because it can get a bit messy! I have a cutting board that you can buy here.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this and I hope I helped :D Oh and if you guys want me to do a video on all my art supplies please go an subscribe to my youtube channel :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey guys so today I will talk about my Prismacolor colored pencils(soft core)! I was actually looking around online to see if anyone had a good prismacolor blog and I couldnt find any! So I decided to make this blog for all my AWSOME viewers out there and all the lovely new viewers(P.S. not trying to show off just trying to help)! I have the 36 pack...
It comes in a tin box. It was about $64.99 at , but you can easily get a 40% off coupon and then get it for much cheaper! You can definatley go ahead and buy them individually or in the 12 set.. but i personally found it cheaper to buy the 36 pack. I have bought a couple other colors individually tho! Feel free to buy what ever you want but here are all the Prismacolors I have :D
I have 5 pinks; Magenta, Rose, Pink Rose, Process Red, and Hot Pink
Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Carmine red
Violet,  Parma Violet, and Mulberry

Ultramarine, Violet Blue (looks more blue not purple), Indigo Blue, Light Cerulean Blue, True Blue, Light Aqua
Olive Green, Dark Green, Grass Green, Apple Green, True Green, Chartreuse
Spanish Orange, Yellowed Orange, Goldenrod, Cream, Canary Yellow, Orange, Pumpkin Orange
I have 2 Sienna Brown, Beige Sienna, Light Umber, Dark Brown, Sepia, Tuscan Red
Black and White
Basic Skin Colors
Peach and Light
Silver and Metallic Gold

Well these are all the colors I have so far.. I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you would like please cheek out my YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/ItsAllGlitter

Monday, April 14, 2014

OMG ok so I decided to make a blog on this channel based on one of your requests.... I have made it for you guys to keep up with my art journey! make sure you follow and subscribe to my youtube!!