Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey guys so today I will talk about my Prismacolor colored pencils(soft core)! I was actually looking around online to see if anyone had a good prismacolor blog and I couldnt find any! So I decided to make this blog for all my AWSOME viewers out there and all the lovely new viewers(P.S. not trying to show off just trying to help)! I have the 36 pack...
It comes in a tin box. It was about $64.99 at , but you can easily get a 40% off coupon and then get it for much cheaper! You can definatley go ahead and buy them individually or in the 12 set.. but i personally found it cheaper to buy the 36 pack. I have bought a couple other colors individually tho! Feel free to buy what ever you want but here are all the Prismacolors I have :D
I have 5 pinks; Magenta, Rose, Pink Rose, Process Red, and Hot Pink
Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Carmine red
Violet,  Parma Violet, and Mulberry

Ultramarine, Violet Blue (looks more blue not purple), Indigo Blue, Light Cerulean Blue, True Blue, Light Aqua
Olive Green, Dark Green, Grass Green, Apple Green, True Green, Chartreuse
Spanish Orange, Yellowed Orange, Goldenrod, Cream, Canary Yellow, Orange, Pumpkin Orange
I have 2 Sienna Brown, Beige Sienna, Light Umber, Dark Brown, Sepia, Tuscan Red
Black and White
Basic Skin Colors
Peach and Light
Silver and Metallic Gold

Well these are all the colors I have so far.. I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you would like please cheek out my YouTube channel

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